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Add Additional Income to your Rideshare Business!

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

(Revised Jan. 1/19/20)

Hello Everyone!

Here are a few more tips/recommendations for you as well as opportunities to earn additional income as you ride share...

I drive in NYC. Things are a little different here but some techniques and services I offer can be used country wide...

It’s a general rule in NYC that passengers sit in the back. So we keep our seats as far forward as possible for two reasons:

1. To keep our personal items and supplies in front to access. 2. To maximize legroom for the second row.

I never store water in the car as it freezes in the Winter which renders it useless for many hours. In the Summer heat, toxins from the plastic gets into the actual water making it unsafe to drink. My water is refrigerated at home until it goes in a small cooler with reusable freezer blocks to maintain the cool temperature for as long as possible. I keep 16.9oz bottles for myself and offer 8oz bottles to the passengers but only if the ride is a half hour or longer which keeps my costs down significantly.

I keep my personal items in a back pack as well as other items that passengers might need such as a sewing kit, lint brush, etc. Cooler and backpack are kept on the front seat for easy access. On the floor of the front passenger seat I keep other supplies.

I only display what I want my passengers to see and offer things like, tissues and cough drops for example when I hear the need. I don’t offer amenities in “Pool” rides nor water for people that expect it.

How can we generate additional revenue?

This tablet, service, charging cable and tablet holder all provided by the company at no cost to you. “Play Octopus provides tablets to rideshare drivers that give over 100 rides a month. Riders enjoy games, prizes, driver information and other content. The tablets also run ads, which allow us to provide them for free and even compensate our drivers.”

The Octopus tablet is on the back of my headrest if passengers want to play. Remember, the front passenger seat of my vehicle is too far forward to have the tablet on that headrest. However, if you do not mind front seat passengers and choose to keep it in a normal position then the headrest on the front passenger seat is recommended. The unit is noisy and repetitive so I always keep it on mute as I do not want to experience a Chinese water torture.

I average $25 a month from this and many passengers enjoy the diversion. You can definitely earn more the more you promote it, I’m low key about it. Referral bonuses help as well. It’s not yet available in every city but they are expanding quickly throughout the country. Find out more here:

Car wraps - Not allowed in certain cities. A great way to add income and protect your vehicle from further scratches. They claim you can make as much as $450 a month with a full wrap.

You don’t want a wrap? You can add a decal to your rear window.

Gratuities aka tips are another opportunity to make extra money. I had these ride share custom placards made to inform passengers of what’s available to them, educate them on the rating system, respect my vehicle as well as letting them know that they can tip on the app. I also have two multi port charging cables so that passengers can charge whatever phones they have. I use the charging ports of the box and secure the cables with ties so they do not disappear.

You do not need to go to the extreme that I did. Although, the signs have more than paid for themselves you can purchase generic ride share signs for as little as $10.00 via Amazon.

If you’re interested in custom signs, send me a message and I will connect you with the graphic designer that created mine. My signs use the theme of my company logo and slogan.

In the back of my vehicle I keep a box, inside are my sprays, wipes, brushes and used water that passengers leave behind. All there to keep my car as clean and fresh as possible. I check my cabin after every four or five rides to make sure it’s disinfected and clean.

This set up has worked really well for me and has helped in maintaining my consistent 4.97 - 5.0 star ratings. It took time to get here, over 12,000 rides to date and 5 years in this business.

You now may also have opportunities of potentially adding an additional $600 - $800 a month to your ride sharing income just by doing exactly what you’re doing.

Hope these insights help those of you that want to do this full time and treat it like a business.

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