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Welcome to Driver's Breakroom

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

Hello Fellow Drivers,

Being a rideshare driver can be a rewarding and profitable endeavor as we all know, but it’s not without its challenges. The ability to be your own boss and earning a steady income also comes with:

  • Long hours

  • The feeling of Isolation

  • Less than pleasurable rides

  • Frustrations with how many rides the application is assigning you (usually too little)

  • Where the rides are taking you

  • The time that you're actually driving or waiting around for a ride is considerably longer than the time you are actively on the clock

  • The wear and tear on your vehicle and body

  • The price of gas and maintenance

To name a few. All these are mental and physical cost (some of which have a financial impact) that we probably didn’t calculate going into this. Yes, we signed up for this, and it can be very rewarding, allowing us to interact with great people and provide a much needed service to the community, but like anything we chose to do the phrase “with reward comes sacrifices” rings true and when it comes to rideshare driving it rings loud!

For most jobs you have the ability to engage with your co-workers, learn from them, share experiences, network and community build or just share laughs completely off the topic of work. With rideshare drivers, this type of thing doesn’t exist due to the simple nature of the job. We work in a car most of the time alone as individuals with a collective objective, instead, of individuals engaged in the collective itself. The great thing is that even though we sometimes feel alone, we are not! Quite frankly we are a growing, smart, fun, and active community! And this is what Driver’s Breakroom is aiming to tackle. We want to build a platform to grow and promote active involvement in the community and provide useful information for all rideshare drivers whether you’re a veteran driver, just starting to drive, thinking about driving, full-time, part-time, whenever-time, Lyft, Uber, Uber Eats, or any other rideshare company. So if you are a rideshare driver in any or all of the above categories, this is a place for you to come and get your questions answered. Discover useful information, share laughter and engage with the community. Let's do this together!

Driver's Breakroom

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