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One of the most popular U-Haul truck rental options is a pick-up truck when you have a small move. The 8-foot pick-up truck is a cheap moving option when you have just a few things that need to be transported from one place to another. 180,000 Sq. Ft and : 523 DEDICATED parking spots for base camp, truck and van parking across the street , from Burbank Airport! “I booked a truck two weeks ago, but apparently, reservations are meaningless. They called me twice to cancel and find me another truck. The first time it was 30 out of the way, so I said OK. Now the second time, they call me 6 p.m. on a Friday, the night before I’m moving because SURPRISE! No truck!! This time they tell me a place over an hour out of my way. I said absolutely not. I asked them to find me something in a different area. Apparently they can’t. No other trucks in all of NJ. What?”moving the houseRunaway cats. When moving to a new area, it is common for cats to attempt to return to their old stomping grounds. It’s safest to keep your cat indoors all the time. Even if you plan to let the cat go outside eventually, keep them indoors until you are sure they have bonded , with the new space. It is best to keep your cat indoors for a minimum , of two weeks. You can encourage positive associations with your new home by feeding your cat more often with small meals and incorporating more treats and play into your cat’s day. When you do let your cat outside, make it short at first, and keep an eye on them. Call the cat in after 10 minutes to start, and work your way up to longer times outside. Garages, additions, porches, decks, balconies, chimneys, fireplaces, and other accessories can almost always be moved with the house, but add time and increase the project cost. In most cases, if the building can be moved with the accessories intact, it is cheaper to do so than to remove and rebuild.i need a couch movedDepending on the size and shape of your sofa as well as your own capabilities, it may be easier for you to tip your sofa so it’s standing vertically and put the sliders under one end that way. This helps distribute the weight in your favor, though it can be a hold your couch in place when it’s standing on its end. If it turns out that your sofa is too big to fit through a door, then you won’t have much of a choice than to take apart the couch for moving. Once you remove all detachable parts from the big furniture piece, you’ll be able to move it more easily and safely, thus preventing possible property damage or personal injury in the process. Whether you are rearranging your own home or staging one, furniture arrangement is a big job for you and your loved ones. We recommend hiring experienced NYC furniture movers who do this every day. They will move and rotate your oversized couch, heavy paintings, and dressers until you are entirely satisfied with the final look. """""""""

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