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I live at Lake Ozark Missouri. I have managed a local business here for 14 years and it has grown almost every year I have managed. Ride share is new to our area just a little over two years here. It was so needed since cabs are unregulated here and not enough of them. I started ride share so I can retire early and travel. I am very sucessful I drive 3 to 4 nights a week about 30 to 35 hours. I make more money than my day job. I love it and we have tons of fun in my car since this is a party lake.

My best advice is be positive funny and witty. It shows if you hate what your doing and your tips will reflect that. Our area is primary Uber but Lyft is here now. Im Diamond status with Uber and driving Lyft too. Between thw two I have around 3500 trips in a little less than two years All I can say is like any business it is what yoy put into it that counts.


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