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THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!! We just had our whole family of 5 get the flu! I was so scared as a mommy that I wouldnt be able to save their favorite stuffed animals, mostly because they cannot be submerged due to internal electronics So I used the peroxide, dishwasher detergent : and baking soda in a spry bottle Sprayed them til very damp and dripping Next I used asunfootball com community profile dakotamarble23 , a clean dry towel to blot the barf spots and they came right up!!! Just did them a second time First time was for the gunk and stink Second time was just to be sure to sanitize them and they are air drying over the tub as I post this Hoping this isnt just a dream that it works!!! If you don’t have vinegar handy or if you hate the smell!, try combining dish soap with water and mixing it until you have a soapy solution Again, just like with the vinegar, you want to apply the solution to the stain, saturating it, and then scrub with a washcloth or brush Blot and allow the spot to air dry With both vinegar and dish soap, you may not be successful on your first attempt Repeat the steps until the area is clean and spotless If the stain still remains after numerous attempts, try purchasing a commercial cleaning product designed for couch stains There are many types available, but those created for pet stains and odors should work especially well used carpet extractor for sale near meThe Mytee HP60 Spyder carpet extractor from Mytee Products is perfect for the medium size detail shop or rapidly growing mobile detailing business The Mytee HP60 hot water extractor features two 5-gallon capacity tanks The Mytee HP60 carpet extractor has a powerful 3 stage libertadores com br community profile jerriipa1953362 , vacuum, 1200 watt in-line heating A carpet extractor is a machine that busybeecarpetcleaning12 yousher com pure-window-cleaning-services , utilizes vacuum power to remove ground-in dirt from carpets A carpet cleaner, on the other hand, uses water heated to over 140 degrees Fahrenheit to remove dirt from the surface of a carpet Perhaps you’re wondering which is better: an extractor or a cleaner? In this article, we will explore the differences between these two types of machines, what they are used for, and who should use them See more about Carpet Extractor vs Carpet Cleaner Carpet TM4-C 15" 220v EU Cord Version Counter Rotating Brush Cleaning Machine Carpet Scrubber Equipment VLM Encapsulation Game Changerhelpling move out cleaningBe it Helpling spring cleaning offers, move out cleaning deals, festive offers, post renovation promotions, aircon servicing exclusive deals, deep cleaning offers, or holiday deals you get to savor the biggest discount Top it with bs-to-it com index php community profile angelotorreggia , the Helpling discount code to save more Our main competitor in Singapore is the black market mike-wiki win index php?title=Stea


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