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Hello. My name is Red, though on facebook, my website, and business cards I go by Rideshare Red. I currently drive through Uber and Lyft, will soon be adding Vibe. I also operate my own rideshare service through RideConnect for my local area since Uber and Lyft isn't to big here (rural) and we only have one local taxi that many locals don't like. I'm considering the idea of starting my own hybrid taxi/rideshare service.

I drive full-time and actually enjoy it, though friends and family don't understand why. But it pays the bills, and I think it's fun.

Aside from driving, I also have a direct sales business in the health & wellness niche. All brands/products I promote I use myself. You can get all the info at On the 'local rides' page you will find the link for RideConnect if you want to build your own rideshare. Rides are booked through the app, but you get paid direct by riders.

Red Conrad

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